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Investment Philosophy

Your investments are an important and integral part of your financial plan.

Each of your investments has a different purpose in your investment portfolio. We use your financial plan to determine what each investment will need to do for you and when. Then, we create an asset allocation that matches your investments to their current and future jobs, while diversifying for risk and reward. We address more than just market risk (or volatility). We also consider interest rate risk, liquidity risk, tax risk, expense risk, and inflation risk.

We believe the best approach is a disciplined one. We help you act with purpose rather than react with emotion. We do not attempt to time the markets, neither at the top or the bottom. Nor do we bet on the next "sure thing." We focus on a long-term investment strategy that has the greatest probability of success for your financial plan, and we monitor it to ensure continued success as markets and economies change over time.

While our process is disciplined, it is also flexible and responsive to your needs. We know your plans can change as soon as you leave our office, as that is the nature of life. We stand ready to work these changes into your plan and provide simple clarity on tweaks to be made to bring your investments back into alignment with your financial goals.

Finally, we focus on taxes, costs, and valuations. High taxes, high expenses, and high valuations are a drag on portfolio performance in different but important ways. We therefore strive to minimize the expense ratio of your portfolio and maximize it's tax-efficiency. We also work hard to avoid overvalued investments in order to increase your probability of better returns over time.

Bottom line, we believe the best strategy is a disciplined approach to take advantage of the benefits that accrue to patient investors over time. We guide you in implementing this strategy in a manner that fits your personalized plan.

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