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We help Women and Couples ages 50+, who are within 10-15 years of retirement and ready for serious planning for retirement. What used to seem far away now seems just around the corner. If you're in this group, you want to know:

  • How to put together the puzzle pieces of your finances.
  • If you are on track to have enough resources to last throughout retirement.
  • How much retirement income you will need and where it will come from.
  • How to pick the right pension options for yourself and your spouse.
  • How to maximize your social security benefits in the context of your overall financial life.
  • If you have the proper mixture of investments for your long-term goals and desired risk level.
  • If you're on track to retire securely and on time.
  • How to protect your family should a premature death or disability occur.
  • How to avoid costly financial mistakes that can set you back.
  • What strategies can improve your retirement success.
  • How to achieve the "quality of life" you desire in retirement.
  • How best to transition into retirement smoothly.

Contact us at or call us at 817-849-1375 to learn how we can help you get and stay on your best path.