Ep 2: Risk vs Everything Else in Retirement

Best Path Advisors |

You’ve probably heard the concept of risk versus return but have you thought about how risk impacts everything in your retirement?

Today we want to discuss why risk isn’t just a key factor in your investing strategy, but it also touches many different aspects of your retirement. We’ll share our view of risk and the approach we take with clients to build a proper plan that not just provides them with enough money in retirement but also allows them to live the life they choose with that independence.

Listen to this week’s show to learn more about:

  • Why your age has plays a big part in risk but also the risk multiplier that comes with a longer retirement. (2:49)
  • Why one of the first things we do with a client is to work on a spending plan. (5:50)
  • A story about a couple we worked with recently who was very worried about inflation and how we tested their plan. (8:10)
  • Legacy planning goes well beyond the money we plan to leave behind. (10:55)

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