Investment Management

Your investments are an important and integral part of your retirement plan. When it comes to your investment plan, it’s important to keep the focus in the right place.

The investment discussion should never take place before your plan is built. Your investments are the tools that serve your plan and make it work over your retirement.

We build your investment plan from the ground up to ensure it lines up with your retirement plan. First is risk management, then income planning and safe investments, and finally growth investments that match your risk preferences.

We utilize the Bucket Plan approach to design “buckets” of investments appropriate to the time frame in which the investments will be used to provide for your lifestyle spending or giving goals.

The benefits of the Bucket Plan approach are:

  • It helps time-segment your investments to achieve immediate, short-, and long-term goals.
  • It helps manage sequence of returns risk, timing risk, interest rate risk, and longevity risk.
  • It creates a reliable income stream through retirement.
  • It delivers a retirement plan you can actually understand.

If you’re feeling nervous about your plan, it’s likely because your focus is too much on the growth area. If you start with your retirement plan and then build your investment plan from the ground up to match, you’ll be much more able to ignore the noise of the market.

Our Investment Philosophy

1. Investments are Tools

Each of your investments has a different purpose in your investment portfolio. We match your investments to their current and future jobs, while diversifying for risk and reward.

2. Risk Management

We utilize a forward-looking approach to monitor the market and make adjustments to investments to maintain desired outcomes over time. We address more than just market risk (or volatility). We also consider interest rate risk, liquidity risk, tax risk, expense risk, and inflation risk.

3. Disciplined

We believe the best approach is a disciplined one. We help you act with purpose rather than react with emotion. We focus on a long-term investment strategy that has the greatest probability of success for your financial plan, and we monitor it to ensure continued success as markets and economies change over time.

4. Responsive

While our process is disciplined, it is also flexible and responsive to your needs. We know your plans can change as soon as you leave our office, as that is the nature of life. We stand ready to work these changes into your plan and provide simple clarity on tweaks to be made to bring your investments back into alignment with your financial goals.

5. Cost-Efficient

We focus on taxes, costs, and valuations to reduce the drag on portfolio performance. We strive to minimize the expense ratio of your portfolio and maximize its tax-efficiency.

6. Custom-Built for Your Retirement

Your vision for how you want to live is unique. We build your portfolio to match your retirement vision, with the optimal risk and return to support your lifestyle throughout your entire retirement.

Bottom line, we guide you in implementing your investment strategy in a manner that fits your personalized plan.

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