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Women & Investing | Best Path Advisors TX

Women & Investing

We help women gain the insights and education they need to feel confident in their financial future, knowing they are making the best decisions to meet their goals for the rest of their life.

Navigate Retirement Red Zone | Best Path Advisors TX

Navigate Retirement Red Zone

The retirement red zone extends for five years before and five years after retirement and represents a very critical phase that determines the course of your golden years. We help you avoid common mistakes made during this period so you can ensure your retirement portfolio will last longer than you do.

Investment Management | Best Path Advisors TX

Investment Management

Investor classifications like ‘conservative, balanced, aggressive’ and model portfolios are fatally flawed. They are based on ever-changing emotions or arbitrary risk scores. We focus on the one benchmark that matters—achieving your financial plan. We custom build your portfolio to match your investments to your unique cash flow needs and legacy goals.

Wealth Management | Best Path Advisors TX

Wealth Management

We start with what matters most. We know that your values and vision for the future is unique. We help you to connect your wealth with what is most important to you, doing this in a way that reduces risk, improves returns, and minimizes taxes for you and your heirs.

Social Security Timing | Best Path Advisors TX

Social Security Timing

We help you determine the optimal social security strategy to maximize your benefits in light of your other resources while minimizing your income tax as much as possible.

Retirement Planning | Best Path Advisors TX

Retirement Planning

We provide you with comprehensive retirement planning guidance that helps you have clarity and confidence to retire on time.

Income Planning | Best Path Advisors TX

Income Planning

We help you determine which accounts to draw from first, second, and third, in order to maximize your lifetime income and blend it with other income sources to minimize income taxes.

Tax Planning | Best Path Advisors TX

Tax Planning

We provide forward-thinking tax planning that can help you save tens of thousands of dollars over your retirement to increase your retirement income and/or maximize the legacy you leave your heirs.

Estate Planning | Best Path Advisors TX

Estate Planning

We help you align your estate plan with your financial plan to ensure your wishes are carried out during life and at death. This includes beneficiary reviews, creating a will or trust, and regular updates and reviews as life changes. We help you address commonly overlooked items that can create significant risks and complications for your loved ones.

Giving | Best Path Advisors TX


We help you carry out your family giving philosophy to determine what you can give, when you can give it, and how you can create the greatest impact in your giving, whether to family members or charitable organizations.