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Who We Serve

We are passionate about empowering our clients with the knowledge and resources to make smart, informed financial decisions to confidently live their biggest, boldest, best life. We typically serve:

Business Owners & Executives

Business owners and executives trust us to be on top of their personal financial life, so they can focus on growing their business or their career. They rely on us to help them plan for their retirement, protect their wealth, minimize their taxes, manage their investments, and monitor their estate plan. They appreciate our proactive approach and prompt, efficient service.

Women in Transition

Women may be entering or leaving the workforce, starting or selling a business, getting married or divorced, suddenly alone as a widow, or caring round-the-clock for grandchildren or parents. All of these situations create questions and concerns. We listen, understand and answer questions to help women gain the confidence to make the best choices to maintain their financial security and independence. Women in Transition appreciate our consultative, empathetic approach and thorough, supportive collaboration.

Heirs of Sudden Money

Inheritances are a stressful matter, from the loss of a loved one to working with other family members to dealing with all the details. We help with all the details, and we do this with a gentle, caring nature, understanding the financial issues do not need to add to the emotional sadness. We explain what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, how to minimize taxes and maximize the inheritance, and how to process the steps of dividing the estate. Heirs appreciate our guidance on how to protect their inheritance and increase their long-term financial security.

Retirees and Soon-to-Retire

Retirees and those soon-to-retire rely on us to guide them through a myriad of decisions. Before retirement, they want to know if they are on track for retirement and what can be done to improve their results. When nearing retirement, they want to know what specific actions need to be taken to make a smooth transition from work to retirement, including deciding when to start income, which sources to use, and what taxes will need to be paid. Once retired, they rely on us to help them maintain a secure and active retirement and leave a legacy they can be proud of. Retirees and those soon-to-retire appreciate our focus on the things that matter to them.

Our clients are extraordinary! They stay with us because they want more than ordinary financial planning and wealth management.