Ep 38: Long-Term Care 101

Liz Whitteberry |

Are you prepared for the realities of long-term care? While conversations about long-term care might not be the most thrilling, they are undeniably important. Listen in as Liz and Marc provide an insightful guide to understanding the nuances of long-term care.

In this conversation, we’ll explore the various levels of assistance that may become necessary for you or your loved ones, shedding light on associated costs and effective ways to financially prepare for the future. Stay tuned as we debunk some common misconceptions and help you better understand the financial complexities of long-term care.

Here’s some of what we discuss in today’s show:

  • What exactly is long-term care and what are the chances of needing it?


  • What are some common forms of assistance that people need and where can you find help?


  • The financial implications of long-term care, including the costs associated with in-home care, adult daycare, assisted living, and nursing homes


  • The three main types of insurance solutions for long-term care


  • Why having conversations about long-term care with your family and a financial professional is so important

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